Xero Integration Support Document

Using xero with Check an Invoice provides many benefits, like complete automation of invoice data extraction, pre checks for identifying fraudulent and non compliant invoices and a completely touchless method of uploading your accounts payable data to xero.

Connecting to your Xero account from Check an Invoice:

You can find the accounting system tab on the left menu if your account has a single company, if you are using multiple companies on check an invoice you can find the accounting system menu after navigating to the desired company.

Clicking on Accounting system gives you the option to connect :

To link your account, simply click on connect to xero and authorize check an invoice to connect.

Click on connect with Xero and authorize check an invoice to access your xero account to connect.

Select the default Account code and Tax rate, these can always be changed in the draft bills on xero to allocate to the correct account type and tax rate if required. The dropdowns populates only expense related items from your xero account for account code and taxes configured for expenses on your xero account.

You are now ready to automatically send your bills and credit notes to your xero account.

Data Flow :

How do I disconnect Check an Invoice from Xero?

To disconnect xero, go to your accounting system connect page and click on disconnect from xero link.

When and how does data sync occur? Is it manual, automatic, on login, in real-time. Are there any settings related to synchronizing?

The data sync is real time and automatically done for every invoice which is free from exceptions, in case of invoices with exceptions, they have to be approved on check an invoice before syncing with xero.

What are the default settings used for ?

To make your synchronising touchless and completely automated we take two default values for sending across the invoices.

○ Account : This will be used to assign the account on every bill sent to xero.

○ Tax rate : The default tax rate is used when the tax rate mentioned in the invoice does not match with the xero account tax rates.