Protecting the public sector

Protect your company against fraudsters and ensure payments are going to the right person.

Why should you be concerned?


Over 50% of public sector organisations face invoice fraud.

The Telegraph

$1 bn

Public sector organisations have lost early $1 bn invoice fraud in 2018 alone.


Support your accounts team

  • Your accounts team may currently manually check every invoice that needs to be paid. But it’s virtually impossible to catch small changes such as different email extensions and higher VAT amounts.

    With CAI, we will do the hard work of spotting any changes made to an invoice and your accounts team can then step in and verify the exceptions. Help us help them.

Automate your workflow

  • CAI offers complete automation to your accounts payable workflow. Once the emails containing the invoice are auto-forward to the platform, invoice checks will be completed within minutes and the invoice will be auto-uploaded to the ERP, saving time and reducing data entry errors.

Secure data protection

  • We take data protection seriously. Invoice data is confidential and sensitive and we want to keep it that way. All data is protected by AWS servers. Only users associated mot your company profile can access the invoices and the information on it. We are also hold a Pci DSS Level 1 Certification and follow industry standards.

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