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AP automation can process over 4 times as many invoices as those without automation!
Source: APP2P Network
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The Benefits of Our Service

Automate Your Process

With multiple clients, it can be difficult to keep on top of time. CAI provides complete automation to your accounts payable workflow. Once the emails containing the document are auto-forward to the platform, our checks will be completed within minutes and the documents will be automatically uploaded to the ERP, saving you time and reducing data entry errors.

Digitize the Paperwork

There is nothing more legitimate than paperwork, and we understand why it is still widely used in this online world. But it can be tough to find and that’s why we offer a digital archive for your paperwork. You simply scan in your documents and we store them for you online. Now, you can continue working manually without the hassle of having to scan through multiple archives.

Protect Your Clients

In day to day tasks, invoice processing is considered an everyday task and often not given a second thought, this is what the fraudsters count on. Our mission is to help businesses continue processing documents without the unease of fraudulent activity. This is where our well-augmented AI systems check through to see for any large or small-scale errors and brief you on what they have found.

Secure Your Data:

We take data protection seriously. Your client’s data is confidential and we want to keep it that way. All your data will be protected by AWS servers. Only users attributed to your company account can access the documents and other private information. We also hold a PCI DSS Level 1 Certification, a PDSC certification, as well as other cybersecurity credentials. We also follow industry standards.


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