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Experience the next level of document processing with us. We offer a completely customizable service and state-of-the-art AI systems that’ll provide you with a wholly unique way of working.

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Welcome to Check An Invoice

Certification to clearly demonstrate our focus on and commitment to cyber security.

Welcome to Check An Invoice

Compliant for GDPR.

Welcome to Check An Invoice

Certification from the cyber security experts to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats.

Welcome to Check An Invoice

Highest standard of certification for processing credit card data.

Welcome to Check An Invoice

Highest level of information security standard.

We use automation to reduce
document processing costs by 50%!
What makes us different

We saw how other OCR scan systems work and decided it was not the way to go! So we fixed it. Instead of moving in and out of the process, how about we automatically take over and within minutes complete the checks thus freeing up your time to work on other things!

We want to simplify the entire process so once you have approved the checks we have made, we will automatically upload straight into your ERP, saving you the time of having to do manual data entry!

The future is online! We have created a service that will allow your business to easily scan through and store your documents through our safe and secure AWS-protected servers.

One of the riskiest things about manual processing is the potential of falling for a phishing or invoice scam. Which is why we have developed next-level AI and machine learning systems to target and eradicate this concern, our AI checks from the email domain (which currently we are the only AI system that can!) all the way to the final approval.

We do not limit the number of members who can use our product on any of our pricing plans. Our service requires an admin who holds control over their subscription and they can add or remove as many team members as they wish, as well as see all the activity the members have on the service.

Our solution speeds up operational activity thus reducing costs, and our transaction-based pricing (with no upfront costs) ensures transparency in the implementation of our product and makes it easy to identify process savings.

Our mission is to help you better your workflow, but not everyone works the same way. That is why we have built our service to be completely tailored to how you want to work. You can add or remove any of our features, you can use us however you want!

We are changing the way companies process their documents, through innovative and customizable automated services.
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No credit card needed.