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Our AI technology works at multiple levels to identify fraudulent invoices. We scan each invoice for 8 different Exception checks .
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We are the first application focused solely on invoice fraud.

How fraudsters trick you.

Organisations receive and pay tons of invoices during the normal course of business. But how many of those are legitimate?

Re-creating genuine looking invoices with altered details
Whether fraud or oversight, duplicate invoices happen
Using a fake email to pose a supplier or the CEO
Increasing the VAT amount and hoping it goes undetected
Unusually high delivery charges on physical items
Inflating the grand total on invoices
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Method to the magic.

  • Upload
    Upload or email the invoice to Check An Invoice for processing.
  • Scan
    Supplier email addresses are checked and then the scanning and machine learning process is initiated.
  • Alert
    We'll alert you to any potential Exception alerts and recommend next steps to resolve.

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